Pom’ by Nanan


It’s not always necessary – nor desirable – to say too much to make oneself understood. A sign, a shudder, or a knowing look can be sufficient. Some of life’s pleasures can only be confessed in half spoken words. There is a fruit which Men have turned into a symbol of forbidden pleasures, wrongly believing that it was so in fables. We, on the other hand, bite into it with passion! This fruit is found in this pastry, where it is barely named, discreetly hinted at in a single syllable which remains hanging on one’s lips. “Pom’” is the name of this dessert offered by Nanan – three little letters who’s diminutiveness ring of false modesty, and only enflame our curiosity (“Pom” is an abridged version of pomme, the French word for apple). Continue reading “Pom’ by Nanan”

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