The Manifesto

We at Cake Justice act on behalf of all that is so good and fair by trying different cakes and informing the public about their characteristics and their constituents. Tastings are organized by Robescake who delivers his final judgment as to the value and organoleptic qualities of the tested cakes. The court of Cake Justice is also competent for sweet treats of all kinds.

We certainly have strict testing ethics that we apply with military precision:

  • The evaluation concerns an individual cake in each article, it does not question the totality of the products of a pastry chef or of a specific brand.
  • All purchases are made anonymously, by different people when it is possible.
  • The cakes are presented in the way they were sold in stores, including their packaging.
  • The transport time is reduced to the minimum and the cakes are adequately protected before arriving to destination.
  • The pictures are taken in a way that shows the general appearance and the texture in the most accurate way possible.
  • All cakes are simply photographed with a white background to focus only on the product itself and to allow neutral comparisons between pastries.
  • The cakes are all measured and weighed to give a complementary information about their volume and consistency.
  • The information provided on their composition represents the information given to buyers in the shops. However, personal deductions are indicated as such.
  • The prices are recorded at the time of purchase and they are valid on the date the article was written on. They generally concern takeaways, unless otherwise stated.

The cake rating method is explained on this page.

To contact us, please fill out the form on the Contact page.

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