The Rating Method

Cakes are rated with a grid of 23 criteria divided into 7 categories, each one having a variable coefficient:

  • Packaging: the look and the branding, the adequacy of the packaging size to the content, the capacity to protect the content and the cleanliness of the packaging.
  • Smell: the presence of a pleasant fragrance and the ability to identify the components of the cake by smelling it.
  • Appearance: the absence of imperfections, aesthetics and quality of the assembly.
  • Flavors: the freshness of ingredients, accuracy of flavors, originality, management of sugar quantities, complementarity of flavors, the possibility of identifying the components to their taste, harmony and balance, the perceived quality, and the absence of unexpected components.
  • Textures: the presence of a set of textures, the management of transitions between textures, and the success in using specific pastry techniques.
  • Concept: the adequacy of the cake with a proposed concept. Price vs. quality ratio: the price compared to the cost of other cakes from a similar range on the market.

These criteria are used to calculate a score that is published on 5 points.

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