Banana Cream Pie by Amami


The most noteworthy desserts are not always lacking in imagination – indeed, sometimes excessive accumulation of various elements leads, paradoxically, to a certain sense of harmony. At Amami’s, the chefs do not turn their nose up at banana, and instead burry it under mounds of cream. Let us explore the Banana Cream Pie created by this Japanese-influenced Parisian pastry shop, whose appearance is a touch over the top.




Dotted with roasted hazelnut pieces, this tart is composed of a flaky pastry base topped with a banana pastry cream, large pieces of fresh banana, and covered entirely with Chantilly cream.

The Banana Cream Pie by Amami is 113mm long, 90mm wide, and 48mm high. The specimen we purchased weights 139 grams and costs 5.00€.


A smell of banana wafts from the pie. We start our tasting with the Chantilly cream generously slathered on top: airy, light and barely sweet, it has a perceptible vanilla aroma. Beneath the cream appear the pieces of banana, which are cut in large chunks rather than slices. Nicely ripe and melt-in-your-mouth, the pieces are not blackened and retain their characteristic yellowish colour.



The pastry cream, whose shade mirrors that of the banana pieces, is unctuous and barely sweet. Its texture is perfectly smooth, while its flavor remains true to the fruit. The cream sits on top of a very brittle flaky pastry, which becomes somewhat compact in one’s mouth. The pastry does not appear to be sweet and crumbles apart very easily, requiring to be handled with care.



Overall, we feel this Banana Cream Pie by Amami contains a slightly excessive amount of cream, relative to the other elements which provide texture such as the flaky pastry or the roasted hazelnuts. The marriage of the vanilla and banana flavors creates a very delicate harmony, which nevertheless would benefit from a touch of dynamism. This could come in the form of a little lime, or even a few notes of coffee or praliné, for example. While we appreciate the mellowness of this composition, we feel it is not quite complete, and its texture and flavor palette could be further enriched.

Sore: 3.7/5



12 rue Jean Macé, 75011 Paris
Open from Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, on Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.
Tel: +33 1 43 56 21 47

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