Black Sesame Angel Cake by Pâtisserie Ciel



The famous angel cakes originating from England now have their – japanese – reference address in Paris: La Pâtisserie Ciel. The address is relatively new, and the cakes are not common on the French pastry scene, thus we have taken a closer look at one of the proposed angel cakes: the black sesame version. An interesting discovery, yet we had to deplore an accident.




The origami-like packaging protecting each angel cake is beautiful and practical, however it was the cause of a small calamity. It kind of collapses on the creamy topping and slightly damages it, making it rather flat. However the cake was still beautiful despite this and we were able to achieve our usual analysis.

This angel cake consists of a black sesame flavoured sponge cake, with an inner whipped cream and black sesame cream filling, and a small flat piece of black sesame caramel as a decoration.


Its base diameter is 90 mm, and its higher diameter is 70 mm. The cake height is 55 mm (65 mm including the cream topping). The specimen we purchased costs 5 euros for an individual sizing and weighs 132 grams.

The cake is very spongy and airy; we’re surprised by its smoothness and homogeneity despite its basaltic lava looks. It is slightly sweet, and butter is clearly perceptible while the taste of sesame is present but not very pronounced. The whipped cream has a slightly milky taste. The flavour of black sesame cream remains longer on the palate, its texture is similar to the whipped cream. Both the airy creams and the spongy nature of this angel cake make a wonderful and fluffy combination.




We expected to find more originality in this version of the angel cake with black sesame flavor, but eventually the presence of the latter is quite discreet. In reality, we think that the enjoyable characteristic in this dessert from Pâtisserie Ciel lies in its texture: it is a very light cake, spongy, with a rich creamy heart, and it is very pleasant to munch! The spongy texture easily gets compressed with in an imperceptible pressure from the tongue while the central creamy mixture releases all its flavours. It is a very good pastry, sufficiently refined, without actually possessing exceptional qualities. We recommend it to the curious lovers of new dessert experiences!

Rating: 3/5 Good



3 rue Monge, 75005 Paris, France

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