Chocolate Tart by Acide Macaron



Caught making love to the camera on the cover of the magazine Fou de Pâtisserie N°4, the Chocolate Tart created by Jonathan Blot for the pastry shop Acide Macaron was immediately summoned to appear before the court of Cake Justice. What secretes does she hide from us, and does she deserve her newly-acquired fame?  We bring you the exclusive details of this affair.




We notice immediately that the version of this tart sold in the shop is slighlty different from the one found on the magazine cover. It is not quite as well-perfected visually, which is likely linked to the constraints of making this as a product to be sold. Nevertheless, it retains its signature decoration made with chocolate curls. These curls are stuck in a blanket-like cream or thick ganache, which itself envelops a moist chocolate cake. The cake sits atop a thick bed of dark chocolate ganache, under which we find a sweet cocoa crust.

The Chocolate Tart by Acide Macaron has a diameter of 30 mm when the chocolate curls are excluded, and 67 mm when they are included. The specimen we purchased weights 116 grams and costs 5.6 euros.


The decorative chocolate curls are made of relatively thick chocolate sheets and create rather rigid flowers. They are good but their taste fades quite quickly from the palate. The chocolate cream blanket  remains firm at room temperature and melts immediately on the tongue. The rich chocolate cake which it envelops also melts in the mouth, which provides  perfect continuity with the blanket. We are pleasantly suprised to find that it has a deep, distinctive chocolate flavor. The ganache found beneath the cake is the most unctuous, oozy element of the dessert, and it releases fruity chocolate notes.   Finally, the sweet shortcrust pastry, delightfully thin and crunchy, rounds up this chocolate orgy and gives an essential kick to the whole dessert, thanks to its contrasting texture. We notice in the crust the taste of butter and a hint of salt. Overall, this dessert is moderately sweet and the aromas of dark chocolate are splendidly showcased.




Let’s bet that the Chocolate Tart by Jonathan Blot will remain a point of reference in its category. We might perhaps have prefered a fuller-bodied chocolate for the decorative curls and a slightly less firm, more melted blanket. In any case, this tart will satisfy the most violent chocolate cravings. For such moments, we recommend it without hestitation.

Score : 4/5 Excellent



24 rue des Moines, 75017 Paris, France

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