Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart by Christian Constant



We find them everywhere yet we are not fond of them all. Rich chocolate tarts are amongst those pastries which can be enjoyed all year round; but to be good, they require excellent raw materials, a conception focused on bringing out the chocolate’s character, and an elegant touch. Jonathan Blot’s excellent chocolate tart passed Cake Justice’s test with flying colours. Let us see now how one of its famous sisters – Christian Constant’s Melting Dark Chocolate Tart – is faring.




This tart is composed of a cocoa shortcrust shell, sprinkled with lightly roasted almond fragments and covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate ganache.

The Melting Dark Chocolate Tart by Christian Constant has a diameter of 75 mm and a height of 20 mm. The specimen we purchased weights 88 grams and costs 5.20 euros.



As we open the package, a pleasant chocolate aroma rises from the tart. We discover a perfectly smooth, unctuous dark chocolate ganache which melts in the mouth. At first acidic, it rapidly transitions into more floral notes. Underneath the ganache, a generous layer of crushed almond morcels enriches the palette of flavors and textures. The almonds are in in their simplest form, merely roasted to bring a light smoky flavor which goes admirably well with the chocolate. The shortcrust pastry is very crumbly, less crunchy than one would expect but very homogenous.  Its rather powdery texture falls into a pleasant continuum of textures, coming after the granular crushed almonds. This ensemble blends perfectly in the mouth with the unctuous ganache.



This Melting Dark Chocolate Tart  is relatively simple but very compelling. It rises to our expectations and deserves to be one of Christian Constant’s signature desserts. Its limited number of components evidently allowed it to remain focused on the essentials, thus offering a very seductive chocolate dessert.

Score : 4/5 Excellent



37 rue d’Assas / 18 rue de Fleurus, 75006 Paris, France

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