Hazelnut and Chocolat Kosmik by Christophe Michalak



Chocolate is an endless source of inspiration for the talented pastry chef/ star Christophe Michalak, but there is one recipe which is particularly dear to his heart: chocolate mousse. A recipe which seems simple and modest enough, but which in reality requires true elegance to achieve outstanding results. In his Chocolate Hazelnut Kosmik, does Michalak offer us the most prefect version of the chocolate mousse? Time to test.




This Kosmik is dessert in a jar which can be found in the take-away shop of Chrisophe Michalak’s pastry school MasterClass. We are pleasantly surprised by the perfect match between the Chef’s discourse, the spirit of the place, the aesthetics of the packaging, and the products on offer. The place is masculine, and everything is dynamic, playful, somewhat inspired by the universe of comic books. Doubtless Michalak’s image and energy infuses every detail. The Kosmik jar is sealed by its lid, and is accompanied by a dessert spoon, to enable the most avid gourmets to indulge ASAP. The jar and spoon are both made of good quality plastic. This packaging is rather pleasant but not very convenient, with bags available at a cost of 5 euros each.


Upon the opening of the jar, it is not long before the delectable aromas of chocolate and praline rise to tickle our nostrils. We discover a mousse topped with a layer of caramel, pralines, little clusters which resemble granola but with a more fudgy texture, and little nuggets covered in dark chocolate which fizz when they meet the tongue (similar to certain types of sour candy).

The Chocolate Kosmik jar has a diameter of 65 mm and is filled up to a height of 51 mm with mousse (169,148 ml in volume), and a height of 75 mm if the topping is included. The specimen we purchased contains 115 grammes of dessert and costs 6.50 euros.


The mousse is rather thick, airy enough to have just enough body. It does not melt immediately in the mouth, but rather requires the tongue to apply pressure. It will satisfy both milk chocolate supporters and adamant dark chocolate lovers, as its flavor falls between the two. The clusters found in the topping are surprising, their initial melting texture eventually giving way to the crunchy elements hidden within. This allows them to gradually blend with the mousse’s texture, while at the same time bringing a note of variation. The fizzy nuggets are fun in the first spoonful, but then become anecdotal, and eventually feel like parasitic elements. They divert attention from the mousse and prevent the true exploration of its flavors.



When it comes down to it, it’s only fair to say that Christophe Michalak’s Kosmik is essentially a good chocolate mousse which will please many foodies. But it is also a treat which tries too hard, with the proliferation of toppings and accessories. It would gain from being presented in a simpler manner, and from being perfected further, until it manages to seduce entirely in its own right.

Score : 3/5 Good



60 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris, France

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