The Flan by Pascal & Anthony


It is accused by some of being too soft, by others of being too thick, and by others still of being in a perpetual in-between. We accept it for what it is: a flan, quite simply. Why ask more of it? We only ask that it be made in an artisanal manner with natural vanilla, quality ingredients, and lots of love. So, what do we make of Pascal & Anthony’s flan? Let us tell you everything.



Of classical composition, this dessert is made of a flaky pastry case filled with a vanilla-flavored flan custard.

The flan by Pascal & Anthony has a diameter of 115 mm and a height of 38 mm. The specimen we purchased weights 325 grams and costs 2.50€.



The flaky pastry is nicely molded so as to highlight the flan’s artisanal making. Its edges are irregular, in places bent or dented, and have a uniform coloring along the entire perimeter. The base of the pastry is more cooked than the edges and sports a dark brown coloring, while the latter remain relatively pale. We are left to wonder: does the temperature of the oven’s bottom rise too quickly?



A golden skin has formed on the surface of the custard, stretching in color from yellow to brown. This custard is quite elastic, and gives a neat cut when sliced with a knife. Its texture is not creamy, and has the elasticity characteristics of this dessert. It is very compact, and the vanilla seeds are clustered on its surface rather than incorporated throughout its entire thickness. The vanilla flavor comes out clearly and stays long on the finish.




It is the appearance of this flan – sold not by the slice as is usually the case but as individual tarts – which first attracts our attention. We discover a moderately sweet dessert, made following all the conventional rules. This flan by Pascal & Anthony will please proponents of a firm and well-cooked custard. On the other hand, it will likely let down proponents of a creamier custard.

Score: 3.5/5



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