Vanilla Fairy Tart by Les Fées Pâtissières



The trademark of the pastry shop Les Fées Pâtissières (“The Pastry Fairies”) seems to be to make pastries in miniature versions. This parisian boutique offers a limited range of cakes which all share the disctinction of being very small in size, while still retaining their finesse and sophistication.  We decided to audition the Vanilla Fairy Tart to test whether this little creation could truly play in the big league.




This dessert, made with vanilla of three different origins (Madagascar, India and Tahiti), suprises by its lavishness. Underneath a shimmering white icing, we find a dome composed of a light, airy vanilla mousse. At the heart of the dome hides a compact, melt-in-your-mouth  cream with an intense vanilla flavor. Underneath the dome, we discover a crunchy three-cereal shortbread biscuit,  sitting on top of a thin layer of rich vanilla cream. Finally, the base of the dessert is made of a nicely puffed, moist sponge cake, with a perfectly golden surface, which tastes somewhat like an almond financier. We nevertheless note that the real dessert is less beautiful than the version showcased on the pastry shop’s website (address at the end of article), the white icing having seemingly gone missing from the lower layers.


The Vanilla Fairy Tart has a diameter of 35 mm at the base, and a height of 47 mm. The cream dome has a diameter of 42 mm. The specimen we purchased weights 35 grams and costs 3.80 euros.

A suprising variety of textures is packed into such a small volume. The vanilla cream found at the heart of the mousse is delicious. The dessert is quite sweet, and thus does not follow the current trend, amongst pastry chefs, of cutting down on sugar. We  notice the superb intensity of the vanilla, and the various tastes and sensations it brings out, depending on where it is found in the dessert.



The Vanilla Fairy Tart can be characterized as suprising. It splendidly blends a rich variety of textures in a very limited volume, and is made delicious by the intensity of its flavors. This holds despite Cake Justice’s reservation regarding its visual aspect, which does not match the shops’ stylized photos. This cake clearly emphasizes quality over quantity, and seeks to achieve discrete perfection rather than showy results. This is a truly french approach to pastry making. We regret that it is gone it as soon as it has been consumed, yet we resist going for a second helping: fleeting pleasures are the most memorable.

Score : 4/5 Excellent



21 rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris, France

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