L’Incroyable by Les Merveilleux de Fred



Of late, pastry shops offering a single type of product have been popping all over Paris. Amongst these, Les Merveilleux de Fred offers a limited but interesting choice of Merveilleux (pronounced Mehveilleux). These trendy, somewhat decadent-looking pastries, are made of a dome sprinkled with a topping – usually chocolate. Amongst the various varieties of Merveilleux on sale, we test the one named l’Incroyable.



The Incroyable has a relatively simple construction: a speculos and white chocolate flavored cream is placed on a base of Italian meringue. The cream is then covered with another layer of meringue, and the whole is covered with the same cream, thus creating the pastry’s characteristic dome shape. The entire dome is then rolled in white chocolate shavings and dusted with a little cocoa powder. This Incroyable has a diameter of 82 mm at the base and a heights of 91 mm. The specimen we purchased weights 80 grams and costs 2.85 euros.


The flavors of speculos and white chocolate can distinctively be tasted in the cream, and combine beautifully together. As for the meringue, we appreciate it not being overly sweet. It is surprisingly light and crumbly, and the fact that its center is not too sticky allows it to blend nicely within the rest of the cake. Its slightly caramelized taste sets it apart from conventional meringues, and points to masterful baking skills. Overall, l’Incroyable has a very light and airy texture.



Despite its simple construction and its lack of truly exotic ingredients, this dessert surprises us with its finesse. It overcomes the simplicity of its components to offer a fleeting, sweet and lighthearted escape, which will undoubtedly charm pleasure seekers of all ages.

Score: 3/5 Good



94 rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris, France

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