Moist Cinnamon-Blackcurrant Cake with Oat Crumble Top by Claus



One can wonder at the duplicity of human nature, yet this trait is far from surprising to who dares to delve into the realm of introspection. Our supposed individuality is as changing as it is mysterious. While it may be perceived as the sum of our acts, our feelings and our thoughts, it is in equal measure the sum of their opposites. How many times did we make the unsettling discovery of finding ourselves – simultaneously and in equal intensity – brave and timorous, mature and childish, joyful and morose, in love and unmoved? Like us, cakes also hold in them this disconcerting duality, and need to be understood. This Moist Cinnamon-Blackcurrant Cake with Oat Crumble Top, for example, claims to be simultaneously moist and crunchy. We analyze this cake found at Claus, the Breakfast Grocery Store (Epicerie du Petit-Dejeuner).




This cake is composed of a cinnamon-flavored dough, topped with an oat crumble. The crumble is incrusted with a few blackcurrant berries.

The Moist Cinnamon-Blackcurrant Cake with Oat Crumble Top by Claus has a diameter of 62 mm and a height of 53 mm. The specimen we purchased weights 70 grams and costs 3.40€.


The cake’s flavors are dominated by cinnamon and butter. The crumble reveals itself to be both crisp and crumbly, creating sharp angles on the cake’s surface which strike the palate. The blackcurrant berries remain in the surface crumble, and do not sink into the cake dough. Their taste is neither very acidic nor very pronounced.


The dough’s texture is less moist than that of a muffin, for example, and our palate fails to experience the sensation expected given the cake’s denomination as “moist”. While the dough is quite soft and airy, it is nevertheless perceptibly dry. It tastes strongly of cinnamon, which is echoed in the cake’s brown shade. It is cooked homogenously throughout.



We find a certain duality in this Moist Cinnamon-Blackcurrant Cake with Oat Crumble Top by Claus, given the distinct contrast in texture between the crumble and the cake dough. The former is crisp while the latter remains soft. Yet this dough fails to be truly moist, as it lacks humidity and feels rather dry on the tongue. Additionally, overall the cinnamon flavor dominates that of blackcurrant. We notice that the berries are only present on the cake’s surface, rather than being more abundantly incorporated throughout the cake dough.

Score: 3.2/5



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Open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 5pm.
Tel: 01 42 33 55 10
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