[Mother’s Day] Macaringues Box by Les Fées Pâtissières



Though we have been naughty, our cold heart feels no remorse. However, should you have things to be forgiven by your mother – as is undoubtedly the case – only sweet treats can truly aid you in this endeavor. This year, we decided to audition the Macaringues Box offered by les Fées Pâtissières for mother’s day. Will it prove to be a reliable ally in your quest?




The box contains four macaringues, which combine the shell of a macaron with that of a meringue. Two are rose and raspberry flavored, containing a meringue shell sprinkled with crystalized rose petals, a butter cream, a dollop of raspberry jam in the center, and a macaron shell. The other two are rose and hibiscus flavored, containing a meringue shell sprinkled with dragées fragments (dragée are almonds covered in a hard sugar coating, which are traditionally given out at weddings and christenings), a butter cream, dollops of rose jam and hibiscus jam in the center, and a macaron shell. It should be noted that the box comes with a rose-scented candle by the perfume boutique Annick Goutal.

The average diameter of a macaringue is 32 mm, with an average height of 30mm. The specimens we purchased weigh on average 13 grams each, and the box of four costs 7.30€. The boxes are on sale on May 30th and 31st only.


We start our tasting with the rose-raspberry macaringue. The meringue on the surface is hollow and very crumbly, and breaks apart at the lightest touch, scattering the crystalized rose petals. The cream filling found between the two shells has the taste and rich solidity of a butter cream. In its center hides a dollop of raspberry jam, which is remarkably fruity and tangy. The second shell has the well-known and well-loved characteristics of a macaron: a crunchy outer crust contrasting with a moist and chewy interior, which exudes a sweet almond flavor.


Having polished off the first two macaringues, and with no intention of stopping after such a good start, we carry on with the more intriguing rose-hibiscus macaringues. While the textures of the meringue, the macaron and the butter cream are similar to those previously described, the flavors are markedly different. Indeed, these macaringues are less tart, and the sweetness of the rose is more pronounced. The hibiscus flavor can distinctively, though briefly, be tasted.



How can one fail to be touched by the thoughtfulness of this box proposed by Les Fées Pâtissières for mother’s day? Their macaron-meringue hybrid is a true alternative to the traditional macaron – surprisingly light, and exuding flavors of rose, raspberry and hibiscus which hardly leave one indifferent. The meringue enhances the evanescence of these little treats, the flavors are balanced, and sugar is present in moderation. We would, however, have preferred a less rich cream, or at least one in which the taste of butter was less pronounced. Thankfully, the acidity and floral freshness of the jams hidden inside manage to energize each bite.

Score: 4.0/5 Very good



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