Gyokuro by Pain de Sucre



Since a few years ago, Japanese flavours are having a growing influence on western sweets. Our casual interest in Japonism made ​​us choose in the parisian pastry shop Pain de Sucre a cake called Gyokuro for an audition by the Cake justice department. Minimalist in appearance, yet varied in flavors and textures, this dessert is precisely dissected by Robescake and we’re sharing with you our review.




Gyokuro is essentially composed of seven different layers. At the base of the cake, a pistachio madeleine layer is topped with a crispy hazelnut praline. On it we find a matcha green tea cream, followed by a layer of coconut cream, some raisins and a light foamy cream flavoured with a Gyokuro tea infusion. The whole cake is covered with grated coconut and decorated with a fresh grape and a small sprig of rosemary.

Gyokuro by Pain de Sucre has the following dimensions: 62 mm x 60 mm x 33 mm. The specimen we purchased weighs 143 grams and costs 6 euros.


From the first bite we notice a pleasant variety of textures and a nice construction of this dessert consisting of many different layers superposed. In matcha green tea cream, a very characteristic iodized taste will appeal to tea lovers. The green tea mousse is itself a bit thick and could be made lighter. Flavors of tea are cleverly refreshed by coconut. Overall, the tea remains quite discreet and flavors of coconut and praline last longer in the mouth. The coconut cream has kind of a jelly texture. Raisins are completely discreet and their presence can easily be forgotten.



Gyokuro by Pain de Sucre is an original desserts, quite elaborate and aesthetically pleasing, but not really surprising. It has a conventional side that does not meet the exoticism promised by its name, and its flavours could be even better balanced. The Cake Justice Department certainly appreciates the cakes, but without unlimited excitement.

Rating: 3/5 Good

14 rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris, France

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