Pistachio Orange Eclair by L’Eclair de Génie



With his shop l’Éclair de Génie, famous pastry chef Christophe Adam made ​​of éclairs his own specialty and he’s proposing now this dessert in many flavours and colours. However his products are clearly more elaborated than the éclairs seen in all french bakeries: at Christophe Adam’s they are particularly well taken care of and offered in numerous original flavours. But what does one objectively find in the colorful display of l’Éclair de Génie? Is it really out of the ordinary? The Cake Justice Department has auditioned for you the pistachio and orange éclair so read on to find out the truth!




Under a shiny iridescent and green sugar icing, decorated with a few small chops of candied oranges, this éclair is made ​​of a single piece of choux pastry, filled with a cream containing balanced flavours of orange and pistachio.

The specimen we purchased is 120 mm and 31 mm wide. It weighs 70 grams costs 5 euros.


The icing on the surface is sweet and sticky, it has a very light taste of pistachio. The dough it covers has an amazingly regular aspect, with a thickness of about 5 mm. However, we regret that its texture is rather soft and lacks some small “handcrafted irregularities”. The cream filling is rich and thick while the orange and pistachio flavours are equally expressed. The orange rightfully stimulates the sweetness of pistachio. To the taste this filling could be described as a delicious flavoured pastry cream.



The most important element of this éclair is obviously the cream filling that will please many. However, as the dough is too soft, there is a lack of textures in this dessert and we would’ve liked to see a little bit more crispiness. The choux pastry could surely benefit from more relief and character. Thus we appreciate this dessert without being ecstatic.

Score: 3/5 Good



14 rue Pavée, 75004 Paris, France

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