Rio by Arnaud Delmontel



Rio- the name of this cake in and of itself oozes with an exoticism which is reflected in its electric colors and bold decoration. This creation by Arnaud Delmontel invites us to embark on a journey to explore the flavors hidden within.



Unfortunately, having been unable to obtain precise information on this cake at the pastry shop when it was purchased, this cake was in a sense blind-tasted. The outer green skin has a slightly jelly-like texture, and has a discrete pistachio-like flavor. Underneath this surface layer, we find a white coconut milk mousse, wrapped around pieces of candied pineapple. These seem to be flavored with cinnamon, and are slightly spicy. We suspect the very light presence of green curry. All of this rests on a coconut dacquoise cake.

Rio has a diameter of 55 mm and a height of 40 mm. The specimen we purchased weights 111 grams and costs 4.90 euros.

This cake showcases its principal ingredients: pineapple and coconut. After tasting the flavor of coconut present in the mousse, we discover its distinctively recognizable texture in the dacquoise. The flavors are smooth and well-balanced.



Rio provides an intelligent and successful combination of flavors. The cake’s outer appearance perfectly complements its taste, and fully satisfies the customer’s expectations. Each of its components has its own distinctive identity, but their association creates a pleasant harmony on the palate. It hits just the right level of exoticism.

Score: 4/5 Excellent



39 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, France

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