Strawberry Tart by La Petite Rose



We are told, again and again: only eat fruits which are in season! An iron law which we often follow, but sometimes give in to. But how easy and pleasant to follow this rule when the season in question is berry season! Let us not miss this opportunity to be good citizens, and without hesitation inspect the Strawberry Tart by La Petite Rose.




This tart is composed of a sweet shortcrust pastry filled with an almond and pistachio cream, garnished with a vanilla pastry cream, a Chantilly cream, and strawberry halves arranged around the edges.

The Strawberry Tart by La Petite Rose has a diameter of 75 mm and a height of 52 mm. The specimen we purchased weights 144 grams and costs 4.20€.


A delicious smell of strawberries wafts towards us as soon as we open the packaging: as we close our eyes, the perfume is unmistakable. We start by carefully scooping a bite from the Chantilly cream, which crowns the whole dessert. It is fresh and light, only faintly sweet and has the recognizable milky tinge, whose discretion we appreciate. Then comes the turn of the strawberries, which are glazed with a transparent jelly. While we would have preferred the fruits to be nude, this jelly is not too abundant and does not spill over onto the rest of the tart. The strawberries are small, fresh, nicely red, and deeply flavorful.


The pastry cream underneath the Chantilly marks a transition in texture, being denser and slightly creamier, without being actually viscous. It remains lighter and airier than traditional pastry creams. We furtively spot a few vanilla seeds – whose sparseness explains the discreetness of the vanilla flavor. This is not unpleasant, as it allows the perfume of the strawberries to express itself better, without being too mellowed down by that of vanilla.


Underneath the garnish, an almond and pistachio cream entirely fills the shortcrust pastry case. While its green coloring is implausible, we certainly approve of its flavor. The almond and the pistachio manage to express their flavors equally, and both are easily identifiable. This cream – which is moist and vaguely granular – adds a chewiness which makes for a pleasant transition between the creams on top and the shortcrust pastry below. As for the shortcrut, it is very uniformly baked, cracking pleasantly between one’s teeth, and tastes nicely of butter – which further enhances its crumbliness. Its thinness is the sign of delicate craftsmanship.



True, we are not in the realm of originality, but this Strawberry Tart by La Petite Rose seduces us easily thanks to the real care with which it was evidently made. Whether it be the minutia with which the strawberries are arranged, the parsimony and preciseness with which the jelly glazing is disposed on the fruits, the restraint with which vanilla is dosed, or the equilibrium between the pistachio and almond flavors, we notice a undeniable delicateness and craftsmanship throughout the dessert which will please pastry enthusiasts.

Score: 4.1/5 Excellent



11 boulevard de Courcelles, 75008 Paris, France
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7.30 pm.
Tel : +33 1 45 22 07 27
Facebook page: La Petite Rose

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