[Los Angeles] Chapter 6 : The Road / Signature Millecrêpes by Lady M


Advancing into the night, we ride the freeways of California as if navigating long corridors devoured by obscurity. The only thing left are the lights by the curb of the road which scroll by, blinding us – discreet points at first, which, as we go faster and faster, blur into a continuous line imprinted on our retina. We feel the heat of the steering wheel under our hands, our warm skin starts to get clammy against the leather, our foot accelerates. 65 – let’s go over the limit. 75 – 85 – 100 miles an hour – this tunnel sucks us in. Danger electrifies us, we guzzle the kilometers by the dozens, by the hundreds – it never ends. Everything accumulates, multiplies, making the fever more intense, the euphoria more acute. We savor the moment like a treat in which we stack, endlessly, layer upon layer of pleasure, of emotion, of fantasy. Just like this dessert which aspires to infinity, alternating endlessly between crêpes and cream: a Signature Millecrêpes from Lady M Cake Boutique. Continue reading “[Los Angeles] Chapter 6 : The Road / Signature Millecrêpes by Lady M”

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