[Los Angeles] Chapter 5 : Hallucinations / Religieuses by The Sweet Nuns


It’s almost unnoticeable, barely a little stroke of the tongue. Light as a feather, this little candy which we swallow, eyes closed, nevertheless takes us to a parallel world. It goes to our brain, makes us dizzy. Here in L.A., should one simply go along with the flow, and free oneself of the constraints of the real world? We hang on to our dreams and loose our footing, we leave surrounded by bursts of laughter, which echo in our ears like reminiscences from the past. Mirages, hallucinations pound our head like projectiles. We lose the sense of our own materialness, and a sudden feeling of exhilaration comes over us: the mysterious sensation of having communed – a religious emotion which gives rise to an insatiable appetite, which only the most spiritual treat can quench. There is only one thing to do: make our way to Sweet Nuns in Faircrest Heights, where we will kidnap four religieuses (French for nuns). Continue reading “[Los Angeles] Chapter 5 : Hallucinations / Religieuses by The Sweet Nuns”

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